Windows CE Deleting filies Inside FlashDisk

Hello guys

I had a strange experience yesterday with my toradex. I restarted it, taking off the power input, and when I started it back, the files that were in a folder inside the flashdisk were deleted.
The folder itself was there yet, but the files no.

A client of ours once told us that this happened but we thought that maybe they´ve done something else.

I was wondering if maybe one of you guys have any idea of what is happenning

Thank you very much

Hi @rafagcf ,

Did you have any write activity inside that folder that lost it’s content before the power off?
Maybe it got already corrupted before powering off, but was not showing it yet as the FAT stuctures were still cached?

Windows CE will not delete files on his own like that, that’s something we’ve never seen, but what i can imagine is that the eMMC wear level reached critical levels and the data cannot be retained properly. This typically happens when writing a lot on Flashdisk (eMMC)

Actually,the system and the aplication were working just fine, but when we turned it off, the folder was still there, but not the files. The other folders inside the FlashDisk were ok, nothing has changed. Our database is not that large, had probably 5 Mb of storaged used at that point.

just to ask: is it possible that there is a relationship to:

I don´t think so