Windows 10 : Unknown USB Device when IMX6 COLIBRI connected as USB Device

When I connect the colibri imx6 to a windows 10 computer , the Colibri is detected but with the message “Unknown USB Device(Device Descriptor Request Failed)”
Why and How I can solve that?

Dear @NIzar11081976,

Do you have multiple USB hubs between the module and your host machine?

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@kevin.tx : Hi , No hub between the HOST machine (a PC or Laptop) and the Colibri Board.
Regards Nizar

Could you please specify:

  • Your Colibri iMX6 full name and HW version

  • OS you are running and its BSP version

  • Carrier board you are using and its HW revision

  • What USB slot you are using to connect to Windows 10?

  • Have you installed any extra USB drivers or done some OS tweaks related to USB settings?


  • Colibri imx6 DL 512MB V1.1A
  • WEC2013
  • We are using our own carrier Board (the ref for our dev was the Colibri Evaluation Board. the difference is that we have USB-A and USB-B connector connected to the USB OTG)
  • What do you mean by USB slot?
  • No extra drivers .
    As mentionned the test was done on a laptop and a desktop with windows 10 Enterprise.

alt text

Multiples tests were done with a help of this page

Could you please provide a WEC2013 BSP version? You can get it starting “Update Tool” and click on “Version Info” button.

Have you tried to use another USB cable and/or Windows box?

We are using the 1.06 version of the BSP

Do you mean 1.6?

Have you tried to use another USB cable and/or Windows box?

Sorry. Yes 1.6.
I have not tried another USB cable. As mentionned in previous comments I tried with a windows laptop and a windows desktop.

Problem solved. This was due to our hardware design.

Glad you problem was solved. Thanks for the update.