Windows 10 IoT Core


Do you have any new information regarding the use of Windows 10 IoT on Toradex products?

The article on your site is from 2016. What is the roadmap for Windows IoT Core? Do you plan to support it in the near future? Let’s be honest, WEC is obsolete and Linux is not always an option. We are reluctant to start a project on WEC, so it could be a deal breaker for us.


In my opinion: This is a dead end
In what technology our project on WEC ?

Hi @Alsem , Hi @MariusM ,

Toradex has some support for WinCE systems as long as there are licenses available. You find more information here:

For customers that are familiar with WinCE systems and do not want to take care of the Linux environments in their project. Toradex has a new environment called Torizon.

Torizon offers tons of new functionality that can be used and these are relatively easy to get going.

To learn more we offer a free 30minutes consultation about it. Feel free to use that if you want to know more about the possibilities of Torizon.

30-min free consultation

If you have further questions about your options, we can also schedule a call.

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