Windows 10 IoT Core under iMX8


I would like to know if you plan to support “Windows 10 IoT Core” under the Colibri iMX8.

@yuhil, we looked at Win IoT core some years ago and even ported it to our Colibri T30 SoM. However, we didn’t get the market response which would have been needed to put more R&D effort into this topic as well as we were not happy about the missing strategy for Win IoT Core back in this time. We therefore decided to not pro-actively work on Win IoT Core. We monitor the market and might offer Win IoT later if we see more demand for it.
Note, we are currently working on an embedded operating system offering around Linux which makes it easier to use and brings many features which would also be available in Win IoT Core, e.g. security, over the air updates, etc. We call it Torizon. We have a prototype running and will bring a first beta version in Q1 2019. Please have a look at our Toradex labs website:

Torizon will also come with special feature to make it easy for people from the Windows Eco system.
Such as integration with Visual Studio, Support for .Net Core and Azure IoT. We will add information about this features and early alpha demos to Toradex Labs in the next few weeks.
For some information about Visual Studio Support for Linux see also our blog.

Here the link to the Microsoft environment such as the Visual Studio Integration in Torizon

After install TorizonEnviroment: 1412-torizon.png

What version of Visual Studio are you using? The tools were tested on 19.8.
You also need to install the C++/Linux workflow and docker, as described in the documentation.
If you have everything installed and restarting VS didn’t fix that issue, please upload your ActivityLog.xml on and post a link to it in this thread.

“Mea Culpa” I found extension in
And I did not find README there.

After read your message,
read this
and update VS 2017 to last version.
Now it is working


@draminski, thanks for the hint about the missing readme on the marketplace. We will check how to solve this. Please create new questions in this community for new questions as your installation problem isn’t related to the original post. Thanks a lot and I hope you find our new tool useful!