Windows® 10 IoT Core under Apalis Tegra T30

Dear Sir,
I have succesfully flashed windows 10 under Apalis T30 following by instruction flashing windows 10 iot core

It looks like system is running correctly but ethernet connection and some other devices are not working. The question is, are you planning porting this system on apalis T30 in the nearest future?

Best regards,

Nicely done :).
Currently we do not officially support the Apalis, manly because of the Ethernet. Its connected via PCIe and we do not have a roadmap for PCIe in the short term.

In case you plan to use a USB to Ethernet Adapter or a USB Wifi dongle, then you could possibly use it.
But we would need to send you some other BCT files,…

How did you do this? When i tried to flash Windows 10 IoT i have this output:

> sending file: ColibriT30_533_mmc.bct
> - 6128/6128 bytes sent ColibriT30_533_mmc.bct sent
> successfully odm data: 0x400c0105
> downloading bootloader -- load
> address: 0x88300000 entry point:
> 0x88300000 sending file: loader.nb0 |
> 422656/422656 bytes sent loader.nb0
> sent successfully waiting for
> bootloader to initialize bootloader
> downloaded successfully setting
> device: 2 3 creating partition: BCT
> creating partition: ARG creating
> partition: PT creating partition: EBT
> creating partition: USR Formatting
> partition 2 BCT please wait.. done!
> Formatting partition 8 ARG please
> wait.. done! Formatting partition 3 PT
> please wait.. done! Formatting
> partition 4 EBT please wait.. done!
> Formatting partition 13 USR please
> wait.. done! done! sending file:
> CARDHU2_EFI.fd / 1044480/1044480 bytes
> sent CARDHU2_EFI.fd sent successfully
> failed executing command 15 NvError
> 0x120000 command failure: create
> failed . Press any key to continue . .
> .