Windows 10 as OS on iMX6?

Is it in any way possible to get a normal Windows version (like Windows 10 or Windows 7) working on a Toradex Board like this?
For my current project i need to install some .exe files, which i can’t install in WinCE.

I’d love to have a very small computer which i can integrate, instead of a big chunky desktop tower.
Worst case i will use an old Microspace-PC…

Dear @FelixKunzJr

The regular Windows Desktop versions are compiled for x86 CPUs only and cannot run on any ARM CPU like the i.MX6. There is a Windows 98 emulator around which we once tested for fun. But this is slow and would take a lot of effort to make it run.

So I recommend you stick with the Microspace-PC or any other (Mini-)PC.

Regards, Andy