WINCE7 wifi Connection Manager

Can i get an example code for wifi Connection manger.

Supporting OS : WINCE7

Dear @sandheepMY,

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Please refer:

  • \WINCE700\public\common\oak\drivers\netui
  • \WINCE700\public\wceshellfe\oak\CtlPnl2\XmlCpls\WiFi\
  • \WINCE700\public\rdp\oak\Pictor\PictorApp\Core\

for connection manager usage references, you need to install the platform builder to get that source code.

WLAN API source code :

Connection Manager documentation :


Thanks for the response

Examples u r suggested are related to Native Wifi API’s i.e.WLAN API’s

Can u help me to get the examples using Connection Manager API’s

Dear @sandeepMY,

We don’t have an internal connection manager based application for your reference. The NETUI is default Wireless manager application in Windows Embedded Compact. So we are suggesting you go through the NETUI code. If you don’t get enough information, please try to look on Google or Microsoft forum if you already didn’t try it.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Can u help me how to remove the Connection Manager from the WINCE7 OS Solution.
As per your guidelines there are some dependencies to remove the connection manager for this i need a help from u to remove the same to use Native Wifi API’s.

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Sandeep M Y

Dear @sandeepMY,

Thank you for the reply.

  • You need to download our binary BSP and Workspace from here and extract and place it in the right place.
  • Open OSDesign file(.pbxml) in Visual Studio and go to Catalog items view and remove Active Sync(SYSGEN_AS_BASE) and File Sync(SYSGEN_AS_FILE) and then verify the Connection Manager(SYSGEN_CONNMGR2) should not be included.
  • Do clean Sysgen and wait for build completion. Once the build completed, program the built image(NK.bin) on the module and verify it.

Please let us know if you have any other questions,


Yes we removed the Connection Manager, Thanks for the support.

As per this link we are using the Wince7 wifi source code but the problem is

We are getting the connected status from the application end but there is no proper connection i.e. when we tried ping command we are not able to see the connection between two ends.

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Sandeep M Y

Dear @sandeepY,

I built an image and tested the same, below things are working.

Did you try ipconfig -all?, Can you able to see the adapter name and Ip address there? you will not see Wi-Fi network icon in the system because NETUI dialog application can’t able to run due to connection manager is removed.

Try to ping and let us know what are you getting?