WinCE6.0 OS Image for Vybrid VF61

I need to build an WCE60 image with internet client services.
I’m trying to build WCE60 image using your BSP, with all the updates needed.
As first step i try to build your standard image v 1.3.
The image is about 1MB less. It seems to work fine except for USB.
How can i solve it?

Can you please upload the image to and share the link here. Also did you check with the latest 1.4beta2?

I reinstalled WCE60 R2 R3 release, 2015 rollup upgrade and march 2016, i added DCOM components and
i obtained an image with the same footprint and it works.
Then i built a image with internet browser components. It works except ras dial connection on com1.
The SDK of the solution give an installation error.
I send to you the image and sdk

Hi, could you please paste the link when you uploaded the image here?