WinCE Time Resolution Below Milliseconds

I would need the time with a resolution below 1 millisecond. Under Windows you can call the function GetSystemTimeAsFileTime().

Under Win11:
Value: 133213554793425232
Date&Time: 2023.2.20 8:31:19.342

But under WinCE I only get a resolution up to millisecond:
Value: 127806236219860000
Date&Time: 2006.1.1 21:13:41.986

Is there a way to increase this?

The resolution of the system timer on Windows CE is limited by the clock interrupt frequency, which is typically around 1 kHz. This means that the maximum resolution of the system time is around 1 millisecond, as you observed.

To achieve a higher resolution, you can try using a hardware timer that has a higher frequency than the system clock interrupt. This would require writing custom device driver code to configure and use the timer.

What’s the resolution of Torizon for the iMX8?

It supports 1 nsec resolution. Please check this article for details about Linux Timers Kernel Timer Systems -