WinCE smtp client


We are looking for sending mails on WinCE 7.
It exists a solution without compiling OpenSSL for WinCE?

Thank you.

@Romain: I am currently not really into the topic. My thoughts: Is there a reason you can not use the SSL stuff that already comes with the BSP?

In case .NET CF is an option for you, did you already check this one:

As Samuel already mentioned, there is SSL support in Windows CE:

The implementation is half-duplex (you can’t send and receive at the same time), but this should not be an issue with SMTP.
On the other side, if you plan to connect directly to the recipient server to deliver messages, you have to consider that nowadays SMTP servers have to implement lot of antispam protection techniques. Commonly they close the first session (to force a second one and reduce the number of message that a spam bot could send) or require that the IP that sends the message is registered for the same domain that the e-mail sender uses (SMTP servers are supposed to accept e-mails only from users of their own domain or other servers).
Those anti-spam measures may impact your device that may be incorrectly recognized as a spam bot if he tried to connect directly to the recipient’s server, preventing messages from being delivered or having them marked as spam.
This means that you may need to setup your own SMTP server and use it to deliver messages to the destination server.

Thank you for your answers.

Concerning .NET CF, the library used is not free.
We can find a lot a piece of software using OpenSSL for SMTP client.

I am trying to implement a SMTP client using SSL stuff in WinCE. Thanks for explanations about anti-spam protection.