winCE into Linux platform on Colibri T30

Hi, I’m using Colibri T30 evaluation board with current WinCE OS, but I need to convert into the Linux platform. Does anyone know how to do it? any link that I can refer? I admit that I’m new in this, and I’m using for my laboratory project. Hope can be solved. thank in advance

I guess using Torizon would be the preferred migration path but, unfortunately, that is not supported for T30. How flexible are you to change to any of the supported modules?

If you just want to switch OS to Linux and try it out, you can use recovery mode to boot TEZI, and install Linux image from there. I believe you need a Linux host to download TEZI on that platform.

If this is for longer term production target, then Torizon would be the best option, but perhaps on an SOM instead.

We will give 2x 30 support hours to help developers to move from WinCE/Windows to Torizon/Linux.
The form is also a good way to let us know about your requirements. e.g support for T30