WinCE compatibility with Visual Studio 2015

Hi, i have installed visual studio 2015 and started working on the same, and now i’ve purchased one of your carrier boards, and for that carrier board, i need WinCE with Visual studio “2008”, according to documentation available on the website.

now i want to know can i work on WinCE with Visual studio 2015?
it is compatible with only VS2008?

and if that the case? then any middle way to solve this problem? like to downgrade VS2015 to VS2008? or So?

The version of the Visual Studio you need depends on the target OS you want to develop for. Please check this answer here for more details.

I don’t think you are to allowed to downgrade to VS2008 from any newer version. Please check with your distributor. As is currently not that easy to buy VS2008 we provide some details on this developer website.