WinCE 7 - SHA256 support


I have a question about the Win CE 7 build 1.2 (Release date: 2017-08-17) from Toradex on my Colibri IMX6DL512IT.

Using .NET Compact Framework 3.5 there is no support for SHA-256 or newer hash calculation. Only up to SHA-1 is found.

We are implementing RSA-2048 with SHA-256 digital signature, however, due to this limitation no solution is available using only .NET Compact Framework itself. I can sign data using RSA-2048 with SHA-1, but no SHA-256 seems to be available. Even if I implement a class based in HashAlgorithm class for SHA-256, it seems that Windows CE does not have support.

My question is. Does the Windows CE 7 build 1.2 supports SHA-256? Can I add support somehow?


It sounds strange. The 1.2 WinCE7 release for Colibri iMX7 is dated 2019-03-19. Could you please check if you are using correct release

The SHA-256 is supported by WIN32 API.

Alex, as I said, its WinCE 7 for IMX6 not IMX7.

The 1.2 BSP release is outdated and not supported anymore. The latest stable BSP release for iMX6 is 1,6. And it has the same bcrypt.dll as mentioned in my post above.

Thank you!