WinCE 7 images for iMX6 shows failures during bootup

When I examine the boot log produced by the Toradex default images I see 5 failures logged when using an image of version higher than v1.3 (see log entries below).

When I use an image v1.3 I don’t see any of those “Failed…” entries at all.
What is the meaning of those entries?
Are there standard components not working correctly with images v1.4 or v1.6?

I examined the boot log produced by the following Toradex default images:

  • WinCE7 v1.3
  • WinCE7 v1.4
  • WinCE7 v1.6

Configuration used:

  • Evalboard v3.2b
  • iMX6 v1.1A
  • eboot config: dbg.serial=1

Logged Failures:

Loading GPIO Multiplexer…
Failed(0) Loading GPIO Multiplexer (0 ms)
Loading UARTA…
Port is used for OS debug!
Failed(0) Loading UARTA (1 ms)
Loading external SD interface…
Failed(0) Loading external SD interface (0 ms)
Loading SPI2…
Multiplexing must be specified for non standard SPI port.
Failed(0) Loading SPI2 (5 ms)
Loading iMX6 PCIE driver…
Failed(0) Loading iMX6 PCIE driver (0 ms)

This one happens because UARTA is used for OS debug (dbg.serial=1) and thus can not be used as general UART.

All other “failure” is due to HW absence. The WinCE image is common for Apalis iMX6 and Colibri IMX6. So when OS is loading drivers for HW which is not present on Colibri module - they report a failure.