Win CE: Connect via USB OTG to Windows or Mac

I want to be able to connect my T20 / VF61 (Win CE) based device to a PC (Windows or macOS) via USB. The PC is USB host and the T20 is the USB device. Because I don’t want to have to supply my own Windows driver, I’d like to set the USB device PID / VID to the values that make it a WinUSB device and thus use the Windows default driver.

  • How can I set the VID and PID of my T20 / VF61 in USB OTG mode?
  • Which Win CE APIs can I use to control, send and receive data?

Thanks and greetings from Franconia!

A quick follow up question:
Is it possible to set up the USB OTG port to come up as a generic HID device for the connected host PC?

We recently wrote a blog post about that topic here.

The article links also to the developer website where we describe the setup on Host and Client side over WinUSB: .

I think this way is the more generic approach other than let the device pretend to be a HID device.

If you want to have a proper setup, you would have to get a USB VID. To start with you may could use one from

Hey, that should work! Once again I’m impressed by the support Toradex provides for me. Thank you Samuel!

Thanks, nice to read that :wink: