Win CE 6.0 Emulator (as VF61)

Hello , I’m making a software using VS2008 (C#) and I’m looking for some kind of emulator of CE 6.0 , so I wont need to connect IRIS to PC every time I want to build the project .

Got any suggestions guys?

There is not such thing as VF61 emulator. You can use WinCE emulator that is installed inside Visual Studio but you will not have any access to the hardware.

We always recommend using real hardware for development.

Thank you for your answer , but there is no WinCE 6.0 emulators inside Visual Studio .
I’m doing some minor GUI changes and I want to work on it without connection it to hardware.

Is there some SDK to get the WinCE 6.0 emulators for VS2008?

In the Code Samples package available from this website you can find a .msi file to install WinCE 6 emulator for VS2008.

But I agree that using real hardware is the best option (most of the times).