Win CE 6.0 (BSP 4.2) Boot error GetBootName

Have the PXA320 Windows CE 6.0 BSP 4.2 (and boot loader)

At boot time the error message:
“Error: OALIOCtlHalGetDeviceInfo: GetBootName not supported”
is displayed.

Could something be wrong with my platform builder project that causes this error?

I assume you don’t have any application running on your device when this message shows up? Maybe you did a complete re-build (also building public sources) once in your platform builder. This is not recommended at all, as it produces different results and we had quite some customers facing problems after this. The solution would be to uninstall platform builder and install it again including all WinCE updates (QFEs) you need. Once done, you can copy again our BSP and workspace to your computer and do: Build->Advanced Build Commands->Clean Sysgen and then a Build->Make Run-Time Image. This should build exactly the same image as we have, you can start configuring your image from there and use the two build commands mentioned above to build your image.
By the way, if you anyway build your own image now, we recommend using the latest BSP which is currently V4.5:
Let me know if this doesn’t solve the problem.

  1. You are correct that no application is running, since the message occurs on the “colibri” boot screen.
  2. I’ve been using the “Make Image” build command from platform builder. I assume that doesn’t do a complete rebuild?
  3. What bad things happen if the GetBootName error is ignored?

Also, can’t upgrade to 4.5 since I have a driver (FTDI) and don’t have time right now to do the thorough testing to completely revalidate the image.

Thanks very much for your help.

Make Image should not build any sources. It just makes the image based no what is in the release folder. You used Sysgen or similar commands before, maybe it happened then? If yes, we really recommend to re-install platform builder and just build the stuff as mentioned above in my first answer.
Anyway, the Error message you see doesn’t have any effect on our BSP. It just says that somebody requested the GetBootName and we don’t support this. The question remains who calls this IOControl. In our standard we don’t see this, so it’s either something you added with the platform builder or an application which gets executed.
It’s up to you to decide if it is acceptable or not. Our BSP doesn’t have any problem with it. If you don’t see any issue for your use-case, it will be OK.