Win 10 IoT Core

So I just read that the development on the Win 10 IoT Core for the T30 has halted…
Why not post this on the community and why above all did it stop?

Hi @KevinElaut63,
We put development of Win IoT on hold because we cannot put a lot of resources into something which isn’t fully supported by the vendor in the way we want to use it. Currently Microsoft supports their Win IoT on a few platforms only. All other platforms are treated as community enabled platforms and aren’t covered in the currently used Win IoT strategy. This might change of course, but until then we won’t put any resources into this topic.
We updated our main developer website article about Win IoT accordingly and also mentioned this in a few questions here in the community, I’m not sure where else you wanted to see this information.

That is a shame, we were looking into switching to the Win10 Iot Core.
I noticed it in the article of the roadmap, but it would have been nice to see it in the news-section.
Since I was watching it for news on a new Image of W10 IoT Core.

Thanks for the clarification and I hope development resumes soon.

Kind Regards,