Win 10 IoT Core Feature Roadmap

Hello developers! Thank you for your great work! We currently evaluating Colibri T30 with Win10 IoT. So far it looks very promising. Despite the limitations you currently have with this product it still demonstrates great potential for various embedded devices development. I would like to ask you the following:

  1. When do you plan to add LCD support (currently only HDMI and DVI is the option) ? This is one of the important questions for LCD based products development. In our case handheld equipment we work on requires LCD display. Please give more light on this.
  2. Any plans to extend IoT in the near future to other products which has native built-in CAN support ?

Thank you and keep it going ! Vlad Bimmer Retrofit Inc

  • You can expect an update on the LCD in the next 2-3 weeks.
  • There is already basic SPI support, we will extend our documentation in the next days. With this it would be possible to use SPI to CAN chip (MCP2515) on the Colibri Evaluation Board. The Apalis T30 does have two CAN interfaces directly on board. The CAN interfaces are also realized with MCP2515 chips. (Win IoT is currently not official supported on the Apalis T30, because Ethernet and PCIe are not supported on this board, but the current image should boot up)

I recommend to use the “Subscribe for this article updates” feature on the developer page to get a notification about any updates. WinIoT Starter Kit

Sounds like a plan! Thank you for the update.
Already subscribed for the updates on IoT Core.

Any updates on the VGA support (LCD display) and touch screen for Win IoT on Colibri T30?
I saw recent release of V0.0.2 from 23rd of February but it looks like it does not include any word about VGA part.
Thank you

VGA is not supported right now. I recommend you to check the current status on the Windows IOT Starter Kit website. You should also get the latest releases there.

As Samuel mention we did not add the VGA feature yet. We had to fix some internal issue which. However VGA, SPI and Serial are the next fetures

Thank you for your answer. Do you have some more precise ETA for LCD and touch support under Win IoT yet ? In our case this is a key factor as our product is a handheld and unfortunately we have no ability to use nor develop product based on Colibri boards with Win IoT without proper LCD/Touch support.
Appreciate your time and efforts.
Thank you,


Are there any news about parallel touch screen on Windows IOT?


How about Apalis T30 Windows IoT version? Will it be available for next one-two months?

We currently focus on Colibri T30 with Win IoT Core and would like gain more experience and get more customer feedback with that. We don’t have plans to add support for more modules within the next 2 months.