Will my toradex carrier board be in danger if I power it with 6v

Hi, I am currently testing some sensors reading times on my toradex kit with a NAVIO2 board, I was interested in testing if the power supply option, micro usb or 3.5mm pin would make an impact on readings but the only 3.5mm power supply I have is 6v instead of the 5 described on the Aster carrier board. Would it work with 6v or would it have high chances of damaging the board?

The Aster board has no embedded 5V regulator. So if you connect 6V power supply all internal 5V circuits will have 6V instead of 5V. And it is out of spec for all involved components.

Power supply voltage should be in 4.75-5.25 Volts range.

HI @iagosilvestre,

As mentioned by @alex.tx , 5V power rail is unregulated on the Aster carrier board. Few ICs and interfaces connected to the 5V power rail are not rated for the voltage higher than 5.25V (recommended by manufacturer). So please use 5V DC power supply with Aster carrier board. You can refer to Aster Carrier Board Schematics (https://docs.toradex.com/103044-aster-carrier-board-schematics.zip) for more details.