Wifi Host AP mode connection Issue

Hi Team,

We are facing the issue while connection number of connection (Max Supported by Module : 15).

We are using the below command for testing that.

WiFi AP mode test steps and configure Files Details

=> Commands to start hostapd service:

  • hostapd -B /media/config_data/hostapd-uap0.conf

  • udhcpd -S /etc/udhcpd-uap0.conf

Note : 8 device is only connect to the colibri-imx6ull wifi module. if try to connect 9th device than it will error as above.

Please what are the changes required to use max number of connection in HOST AP mode.

Check attached configuration file. link text
Error log : link text


Hitendra Prajapati.

Hi @hitendra_prajapati

Greetings from Toradex community.

Could you please provide me the BSP version.

issue while connection number of connection (Max Supported by Module : 15).

There may be some limitations and Currently, we don’t have that information. Where did you find this information?

Did you connected the antenna??

Hi @ashok.tx ,

BSP version : Linux nlg 4.9.144-2.8.5+g5758a8e #6 SMP Thu Mar 12 10:31:09 IST 2020 armv7l GNU/Linux

please check the link : https://www.eetindia.co.in/news/article/marvell-s-dmhr-tech-extends-wifi-range-for-connected-homes

Yes, antenna is connected .


Hi @ashok.tx
any update on this ??

Hi @hitendra_prajapati

Sorry for the delay response.

As per the Datasheet of the wifi module, it is limited to max 8 devices in Host AP mode.

Dear Ashok,

Right Now We need 12 Connection In AP mode.so, we are thinking that if the MAX connection limitation was set in Linux Driver so we will modify and test from our side and use this module in our Product.

We followed below datasheet of the wifi module but does not found this type of limitation. can you please guide us for the correct datasheet of a module and where this type of limitation mentioned.


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Nikunj Patel

Dear Ashok,

Can you please provide us an update on this as soon as possible? because we are waiting for your reply.

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Nikunj Patel

Hi @nikunjp26

this is a limitation by design and hence not much we can do here

Thank you Very much for your answer

You are welcome.