WiFi does not reconnect to previously connected SSIDs - iMX6 WinCE8

Hello support,
I have a question here please:

WinCE8 running on iMX6 Colibri with latest WinCE8 image. WiFi USB LM006 dongle works just fine however Windows does not remember previously connected WiFi networks.
For WiFi connectivity we use XAML based WiFi network interface.
For example we connect to WiFi network, all works just fine, now we save registry (assuming to keep all wifi network settings for connected network) and rebooting our device.
After reboot WinCE does not try to reconnect to known WiFi network.
Is there any setting key in registries for that ?
Please help.
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The system does not reconnect but the network settings are still configured or they also disappear?
Information about wi-fi network is saved inside registry, so saving it, as you did, should keep them persistant, but there are some security-related items (wi-fi password) that are encrypted and this may be the issue.
We will try to reproduce the issue here and update you about our discoveries and progress.

Any updates on this ?
Where may I check for the in registries for saved SSIDs and other info ?
I expect that WiFi network, which has been connected at least once, should reconnect to during next boot.
Same as normal Windows PC behavior.
Please update about this.