WiFi Adhoc mode on WinCE2013

We would like to enable WiFi Adhoc mode in WEC2013 using any supported wifi adapter. Not sure how to do so as I cant find any APIs related to same.

Ad hoc functionality depends on WiFi driver is used. Please take a look here :


We are using the driver provided with the WEC2013 OS image for Realtek chipset RTL8188EU. Is there any APIs for initiating a Adhoc network?

Could you try the following documentation :


https://www.slideshare.net/guesta5887e6b/rt2870-software-release-note-for-windows-ce, page no : 16


Thanks but these links are for WinCE 6.0. I am looking for WEC2013. Are there any links for WEC2013?

I tested adhoc mode sometime back with LM816 which is based on the same chipset mentioned by you and successfully tested but don’t remember it was wec2013 or not.
I used the driver given here


Did you try to follow the procedure mentioned in the links shared above?
Let me know where are you stuck or what error you are getting in WinCE2013

The procedure above is relevant to WinCE 6.0. I have worked on that and have created Adhoc network for that. Those links are not relevant for WEC2013

But now I am looking to do same on WEC 2013. As of now I am using Native Wifi drivers APIs for operating the dongle in infrastructure mode. I could not find any resources for operating the LM816 dongle in Adhoc mode.

Are there any drivers available for the same?

I tested with WinCE2013 and it seems not supported by WinCE2013.
I am sorry we have only the driver mentioned in the above link.

By any chance are you aware of any ther commercially available dongle that could operate on both adhoc and infrastructure mode for iMX6 based processor on WEC2013?

Hi @jaswinbabu,
I am sorry we haven’t tested any yet in-house for WEC2013.
The chipset mentioned by you above seems to works on CE6/CE7 for Adhoc mode. So, it seems to be missing driver support on WEC2013.