WiFi addition on Colibri VF61

Some years ago we developed a product using Colibri VF61 SoM.
The OS is CE6.

Now the request from the market is to add wifi connection to an existing wifi network.
For this reason we need to redesign our carrier board.

Is there a reference design of a working solution from Toradex?
Maybe a suggestion of some hardware (with drivers for CE6)?


Hello @vix,
If you have a USB port available in your carrier board, you can use the LM816 ,it’s a USB WiFi dongle.

It’s available on the shop:

Another alternative could be the ESP07, based on ESP8266 module.

Best regards,

Thank you @josep.tx
Both of them are interesting solutions.

Are they products recommended for new designs?
Do you know where I can buy ESP8266?

Hi @alex.tx
thank you very much.
I see a couple of problems in buying from Amazon:

  • at the moment the device is not available
  • for an industrial product my purchase office would like having a distributor

I don’t know if this is possible.

So contact a distributor you prefer