WiFi: achievable netto datarate


the new Verdin modules have a WiFi ac module with two antennas that is connected via a 4-bit SDIO to the SOC.

For the WiFi connection I would expect a netto datarate of up to 300 MBit/s (2 Streams with 80 MHz bandwith).

What is the datarate of the SDIO interface? Is it fast enough or will it be the bottleneck for the WiFi connection?

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Greetings @Mowlwurf!

According to both the i.MX 8M Mini and the AzureWave AW-CM276NF datasheets, the SDIO interface supports the SDIO v3.0 specification.
The highest achievable frequency for this interface is on UHS-I mode, with up to 208MHz in SDR mode and up to 50MHz in DDR mode.

According to NXP, this would correspond to a data rate of up to 400 Mbits/s in SDR mode and up to 832 Mbits/s in DDR mode.

According to the i.MX 8M Mini datasheet, the SoC supports the SDR104 mode (section and per the AW-CM276NF datasheet (section 3-1-4), the module also supports SDR104.

SDR104 corresponds to that 208MHz frequency which then yields 104MB/s or 832 Mbits/s.

Considering these numbers, the SDIO interface shall not be a bottleneck for the Wi-Fi connection.

Note that this information is specific to the Verdin iMX8M Mini. As my colleague @alex.tx mentioned, this might be different for other modules such as the Colibri iMX8X, which supports up to 50MHz speeds on the SDIO interface.

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You are welcome.

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