Why does my Colibri iMX6ULL u-boot do-compile fail?

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I am a complete newbie to Yocto, and I am trying to compile the minimal core image of poky using the toradex-nxp layer. My compile is fine until it tries to compile u-boot. The recipe u-boot-toradex_2019.07.bb fails to make the target u-boot-nand.imx. The log implies that a different target should be passed to do-compile() in u-boot.inc.

I am curious as to whether anyone else has this issue, or if this is something that only affects NAND boards. I can see here that this build dropped make support for NAND targets. Is there a patch I could apply to the recipe that would correctly build this, or should I revert to using an older recipe?

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Could you try to put:

include conf/machine/include/${MACHINE}.inc

as the last line of your local.conf?

For an explanation have a look at this post.


Hi Max,

Thank you for your answer. The include succeeded in adding the correct make target, but now more errors have popped up. The build log seems to indicate that it may be because I changed my u-boot-toradex and linux-toradex configs. I’m going to try running on a fresh clone and hopefully that magically fixes it.


Hi Max,

Great news, my build got much farther. Now I am getting complaints about the cached basehash not matching the one that was just generated for the do_image_* targets. I wonder what the fix for this error is. I read [here][1] that it has something to do with the VERSION, VERSION_ID, and BUILD_ID variables.

I tried running cleansstate target, but the build continues to thow these errors.

Is there a patch I can apply to oe-core to fix this or is it something with my configs?

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[1]: A Hash Mismatch Made in BitBake | kc8apf.net

Hi Billie

I see that error every now and then too. However for me it is not fatal, meaning the image files are correctly generated in deploy/images/${machine}. However all changes addresses this resulted in corner cases where the build really failed.

I haven’t tested our layers of the upcoming 4.0 BSP (based on zeus) in combination with a regular poky setup, so there could be missing variables from our distro or other hickups too.