Why colibri imx7 512 is not booting after i installed wec 2013

As I tried to use vnc viewer to display the colibri’s desktop. I followed the getting started given in toradex easy installer.I connected a power jack to viola plus also connected micro usb to usb connector (interfacing board and my windows laptop ), I additionally also gave ethernet connection through my laptop(as i didnt have router i used laptop as a router , did bridging of two networks). Then i opened vnc viewer, then i typed default ip address of the module(i.e, then it got connected,then the colibri screen displayed few images, i selected wec2013, then started installing. After few minutes it got installed successfully, then i got a pop up giving me 3 options (like power off, reboot and back to menu) , i gave reboot, then my module stopped booting, neither do vnc viewer is responding r, as it says that the module is not responding the vnc viewe. I have flashed the necessary
nk7.bin ,nk8.bin and eboot.imx into my sd card also, why isn’t the module’s desktop not showing up? Why isnt the module booting? And my laptop doesnt shows the module name in this pc(as it shows while any kind of pendrive is connected to pc). What should I do to make it work? How to boot the module?
Please help…!!!

Dear @sth

Depending on the precise procedure, the system needs a power cycle after flashing the new OS (a reset is not always sufficient). I assume you tried this already.

Then I assume your module is booting, but it behaves differently than you expect:

  • WEC7 applications are not binary compatible to WEC2013. Therefore your VNC server on the Colibri cannot start
  • WEC2013 does not support ActiveSync, therefore you don’t see the Colibri as a USB Device on your PC. You can configure it in the registry to show up for example as a storage device, but by default this is not activated.

The Viola board was optimized for cost, and therefore doesn’t offer any comfort for the development situation. If you have another carrier board around (e.g. an Iris or even better a Colibri Evaluation Board), I strongly recommend to use this one, until you arrive at a stable point in your development.

For now you should first try to proof that your module is actually booting:

  • While booting there is some output on the signal UART_A_TXD (115’200 bps, 8N1).
  • If you connect Ethernet to a regular router, the LEDs on the Ethernet connector should start blinking after WEC2013 has booted.

Regards, Andy