Who knows a zip/unzip library for WEC 6/7?

I’m looking for c/c++ source code or a library for zipping/unzipping of zip files in WEC 6/7. The intention is to use zip files with an inner file structure and batch files for in field updates of our application. Because our device is connected via Wi-Fi we want the update package to be small and a single file for transfer only.

I’d be happy for any suggestions. I have seen the zip utils, but I wonder whether you have some better suggestions.

Thanks and greetings from Franconia!

An other option whre you find the source would be LZ4. LZ4 is a fast compression algorithm under BSD 2 license you could use this on on the PC as well as on the WinCE side. Source code is available. If you need further assistance on this one, please contatct us.

I used this zip utils you once linked and they worked really OK.

We compiled OSDaB Projekt Zip Library for our T20 Module with WEC7. But you need Qt.
See the link: http://osdab.42cows.org/index.php?mode=advanced&show=snippets.

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing!!! Too bad it’s under a GPL license :frowning:

Samuel, I appreciate you and Toradex in general for their great support! Keep it up!

Link included above is broken.

There’s two links I found that you might want to check:

However, we neither verifed the buildability, quality or licenses of this code.