White screen on Xorg start

I’ve connected a display to the Ixora carrier board via HDMI. When I start Xorg, the screen becomes white and turns black after a second, like it is configured with the -br argument.
Is it possible, to make the screen stay black during the whole startup phase?

Hi @derhoch

What is your application? What are you trying to do?
Which image did you install exactly ( cat /etc/issue )?

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I am just starting Xorg to show an application that I wrote. I made a custom image based on console-tdx-image.bb 3.0b2 and added a few extra packages to IMAGE_INSTALL.

I noticed, it is the display itself that becomes white, when it loses the signal. I guess, when I start Xorg, it resets the resolution which causes a short signal loss.

Hi @derhoch,
Thanks for your Input.

Could you provide some commands or a sample application, so that we can reproduce the issue on our side?

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