Which USB 3.0 OTG cables are compatible with Apalis Evaluation Board?

The developer website article: Incompatible USB 3.0 OTG Cables describes the issue facing cable compatibility; however, it does not provide any known compatible cables. Can you share any part numbers of cables which are known to be compatible?

Since only USB 3.0 capable module is Apalis TK1 and it doen’t support usb 3.0 peripheral mode
only those cables are supported:

USB 3.0 Micro-A to USB 3.0 Micro-B Cable (SuperSpeed RX and TX crossed in the cable)
USB 3.0 Micro-A to USB 3.0 Standard-B Cable (SuperSpeed RX and TX crossed in the cable)

Cables produced according to USB specification can easily be purchased from distributors like digikey, mouser etc. here’s an exmple:

Please remember that a cable with any kind of usb socket is not following USB specification and is not supported.

Based on the Toradex developer website article, the implication is that there are USB3.0 OTG cables available that don’t cross the SuperSpeed lines. I’m interested in which companies make these OTG cables.

The cables you list as part of the spec don’t support an OTG capability, correct?

We’re only providing embedded host functionality in apalis tk1, but those cables are usb 3.0 otg cables.

Thanks for your help, Dominik.