Which serial port can I use for standard input output for directing application debug messages


I am using the Colibri iMX7 SoM with the Aster Carrier board with Win CE7.

From my application I would l like to send messages out that would help in diagnostics and debugging.

The USB Slave and Ethernet ports of my device are engaged for some other communication. So I am left with the serial ports.

Which serial port from among the multiple available on the SoM should I use for these debug messages.

In addition there would be another firmware running on the Cortex M4 and I would also want similar messages coming out and going in to the Cortex M4 firmware.

Please suggest.


Dear @kapeed

For debug messages, I recommend to use the standard WinCE functions NKDbgPrintfW() or the related macros DEBUGMSG() and RETAILMSG().
This will print the messages on the COM1: port (if debug messages are enabled in the bootloader). It also provides additional functionality: while debugging, the messages are shown in the Visual Sudio output window, and you can cache the messages in the debug message buffer.

For the Cortex M4, you should use a different COM port, as the UART is not designed to support access from 2 independent systems. It doesn’t matter which one you choose.

Regards, Andy