Which PCIe drive does the carrier board actually support?

This should be simple, but the data sheets for both the Dahlia and full sized Verdin carrier boards are useless tracking this down.

There is a “Mini PCIe” disk drive connector on the carrier boards. Nowhere does it say what standard the firmware supports out of the box. There’s an M.2 228 standard. M.2 2230 standard, M.3 standard

So, what, on this NewEgg page

can be plugged in and your standard Torizon load from the EasyInstaller will recognize so it can be partitioned and formatted?

I suspect it supports this one.

Only because that is in a lot of notebooks.

The Gen 3 has a smaller tab edge.

Would hate to think you opted for the Dell drive because those are massively overpriced.

All of the M.2 2280s aren’t the same connector wise.

What can be bought off the shelf and will “just work?” It had to have gotten tested with something.


Mini Pcie is not the same as msata even though physically the connectors are same the signalling is different.so msata disk won’t work.

You would need a mini pcie to m.2 adapter even then I am guessing you will not get full speeds as the mini pcie doesn’t have the same bandwidth has m.2

Mini pcie interface is things like video capture cards, gsm/LTE data cards.