Which files to replace when using UMS backup and image restore


I am trying to make a backup of my Apalis TK1 running Linux4Tegra and restore it. I am trying to use the U-boot UMS feature as suggested by marcel.tx several times. It says I can replace the Toradex images and then proceed using the update.sh script and install. What exact parts do I have to replace? Do I just write the rootfs folder from the backup to the rootfs in the BSP and the content of boot backup to the Apalis_tk1_bin folder in the BSP? Or do I have to replace some of the images in the BSP with images created during backup.

Your help would is much appreciated.

Yes, that should cut it. Just make sure to copy the rootfs stuff with root permissions and preserving all file attributes (e.g. sudo cp -pPR).

You may also find the following article on our developer website useful: