Which BSP image for Apalis iMX6 EGLFS device?


I’m reading up on the Yocto Project, and the use of Open Embedded Core on the Apalis platform. I will likely build an image from source at some point in the future, but would like to get the device up and running with a pre-built image from Toradex.

One clarification I have after reading the Toradex guidelines. My device will be using EGLFS, so won’t need a desktop environment, such as LXDE. The BSP image download directory specifies ‘LXDE-Image’ or ‘LinuxImage’ as the options for Apalis iMX6. The guideline suggests there should also be a console-image option; as this option is not currently shown in the download directory, which version should I be using for EGLFS on Apalis iMX6?


For the higher end modules like the Apalis iMX6 we only deploy our LXDE based Linux demo image as part of our official BSP. That said you may enable the CI feed of the Toradex Easy Installer where you can also find other test builds including console images. Please note however that at the time being we do not build any EGLFS based images and you will need to build your own which has already been extensively discussed at this very forum.

Thanks marcel, much appreciated. I’ve had a look through the forum and have found some promising links and guides to follow.

You are very welcome.