Whether IMX6DL with Colibri Evaluation Board (rev 3.2) support SRGB for LCD interafce?

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I’m using IMX6DL in Colibri Evaluation Board (rev 3.2), now planned to interface SRGB LCD, but could not find out supportive documents to know it, can you guys tell me whether IMX6DL supports SRGB or not?


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I understand you’re looking to interface an SRGB LCD with the IMX6DL on a Colibri Evaluation Board rev 3.2.

The i.MX6DL SoC supports various display interfaces, including parallel RGB, which is commonly used for LCD displays. However, the support for specific color spaces like sRGB in the context of the i.MX6DL’s display interface capabilities is more about the display and the software configuration rather than a hardware limitation. The i.MX6DL can output to displays that accept sRGB content, but ensuring that the display correctly interprets the sRGB color space involves configuring the display settings correctly in the software.

For interfacing an sRGB LCD, you would typically ensure that your display settings (within the Linux kernel or through the device tree configuration) match the requirements of your sRGB display. This might involve setting the correct resolution, timing, and color format that the display expects. The i.MX6DL, being a versatile SoC, supports a wide range of display configurations, which can be tailored to meet the needs of an sRGB display through software.

Given your specific setup with the Colibri Evaluation Board rev 3.2, you would want to ensure that your Linux kernel and device tree configurations are set up to output the correct signals for your sRGB display. This might involve customizing the device tree to specify the correct display timings and interface settings.

While the provided context does not include specific details on configuring the i.MX6DL for an sRGB LCD, the general approach would involve reviewing the Linux kernel documentation related to the i.MX6 display driver and adjusting your device tree configuration accordingly. If your sRGB LCD has specific interface requirements, you would need to ensure that these are reflected in your configuration.

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The Colibri iMX6DL supports a parallel RGB interface with up to 24-bit color per pixel. Generally, the LCD panels available for use are capable of displaying nearly the entire sRGB color gamut. Therefore, I can confirm that the Colibri iMX6DL does support sRGB. However, for a more precise answer, could you please clarify how you define ‘sRGB support’?

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