Where should we save our .exe file in WinCE so that we can access it after reboot also


Whenever I deploy the project, .exe file goes in program files by default. But if we reboot the system, exe file is not present in program files.

So where I can save my exe file in order to access it after reboot also.

Also I want to know that is it possible that my exe file application starts automatically after giving power to the board. I have a found a startup folder in it. What if I copy my exe file in startup folder. Will it start automatically after power has been given to the board. I want my exe to start automatically.?


Regarding deploy, you can change your deployment directory to /FlashDisk/, through Visual Studio project configuration properties, as this is part of module flash memory, so even after reboot you will be able to run your application.

By default Visual Studio deploys applications to “Program Files” directory which is part of RAM that is why after reboot you loose your application.

Regarding application start automatically, you can place your application in Autorun folder and place it in /FlashDisk, or /USB HD, or /SD CARD, after power ON your application will run automatically.

Thanks for the answer. I created a folder named Autorun in Flashdisk and placed my exe in it. Now I need to disable Autorun temporarily. I connected a keyboard to the board and pressed the shift key but it didn’t worked. How to disable it.?

I just tried it at my end, did “long press SHIFT key” at boot and was able to temporarily disable Autorun.
Make sure you do LONG PRESS OF SHIFT KEY at the time of boot till it is not complete.
It should disable Autorun.

Thanks I was not pressing the shift key at the boot. You didn’t mention it at Disable launcher.exe | Toradex Developer Center

yeah you are right, have noted your feedback, will update the mentioned article as per your suggestion :slight_smile: