Where is "BootCount" registry entry in Windows CE 7?

In Windows CE 6 there is a “BootCount” registry entry located here: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm].

This entry starts at 1 and increments ever time the machine is rebooted.

This entry does not seem to exist in Windows CE 7 (I’m looking in the registry of VF50 image V1.3beta4). I also searched the entire registry for “bootcount” and no results.

Does anyone if this was renamed/moved or if there is an equivalent in Windows CE 7?

We quickly checked the private source from MS we have access to and did not found any remaining reference on this in CE 7 and WEC 2013. It looks as if this has been removed after CE 6.

I assume this did not work properly in all the use cases any way. On our standard setup, where the registry is not flushed periodically, you would have to manually save the registry. I recommend you to write a small application that increases a counter and store it to a file. Put that application into \FlashDisk\Autorun, so it gets executed every time when the system boots.