Where can I find the reference configuration of the colibri carrier board for the pinout designer?


In order to create our own carrier board we would like to start from something as standard as possible and therefore, customizing an existing configuration seems a better approach than starting from scratch.
So I was wondering if the exported configurations of the pinout designer tool are available somewhere?

Thanks and regards,

Dear @Zoyhar,
I am really sorry about this late answers, our engineers have been preparing and traveling for the Embedded World exhibition.

When you download the pinout designer from our developer website (https://developer.toradex.com/carrier-board-design/pinout-designer-tool), you also get in the zip package the “Example Configurations” folder containing the setups used in our carrier boards.

These configurations can be loaded in the tool by using the command File → Load Configuration.

I hope I answered your question, please don’t hesitate to get back to the community if you need further help.

Hi Diego,

Obviously, I should have looked there from the start!

Thanks for your response