Where are files stored when using ssh from Visual Studio Code?

We are getting started with an Apalis imx8 unit. I am logged into it over ssh in Visual Studio Code and have copied a few files over to it. But I am reluctant to put a lot of files into the flash memory, I’d rather they go onto the sd card. Is there a way to navigate between the sd card and the flash memory?

I’ve been reading the documentation on Docker and Portainers and all that, but I’d still like to know the answer to this question.


Hey @KelvinSmith,

If you are ssh into the device and not working within a container. You should be able to see your sd card with the command lsblk. From there you can give it a mount point and use it as as you need.

If you are trying to save data to the SD card while working inside a container, you will need to pass flags to the docker container that ‘tell’ the container it can save information to that SD card.

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