When can we expect Win 10 IOT?

Hi, we would like to use Win10 IOT together with your Apalis T3 modules. Any estimates on when those are going to be available?

Dear zeroc8,
We are currently working on a technology preview for our Colibri T30 modules. We will provide this to customers quite soon. We would like to get some more feedback from customers based on this preview and can then work on our roadmap for Win 10 IoT Core. So it’s a little bit too early to talk about roadmaps and how our support exactly looks like. Please subscribe to our newsletter where we will announce news about Win IoT soon.

Our Win 10 IoT Core starter kit is available now for a limited time. Please visit: https://www.toradex.com/windows-iot-starter-kit for more details.

Will this be available for the Apalis T30/Ixora Carrier Board combination too?
Or is this something completely different?

We are working on providing the Win IoT image also for other T30 based modules/carrier board combinations. However, it will take some more weeks. We are currently busy with the Colibri T30 image.