When building tdx-reference-multimedia-image, around 5000 task, it hangs. How to solve this?

I’m using the WSL2 on a Windows 11 host for an image based on the tdx-reference-multimedia-image since several months without problems.

What irritates me about the error log is the following line:

WARNING: /home/srzm/oe-core/build/…/layers/meta-toradex-demos/recipes-benchmark/cpuburn/cpuburn-a53_git.bb:do_fetch is tainted from a forced run

It seems that the hang of the build process has caused quite a mess in the environment.
You can try the following two things:

  • A complete cleanup of the cpuburn-arm53 recipe with
    bitbake cpuburn-a53 -c cleanall

  • What I would recommend: a reset of the build environment by deleting the entire contents of the build directory (apart from the conf directory, which must remain)
    rm -rf bitbake-cookerdaemon.log tmp/ buildhistory/ cache/ deploy/
    This does not take much time, because the build results of recipes that have run through completely are retained. So it does not start from scratch.

  • For a complete reset of the build environment, you can also delete the sstate-cache directory
    rm -rf ../sstate-cache/
    But then the build process is started from the very beginning.

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