What Qt version is possible on Colibri T20?

Can I run Qt applications on an old Colibri T20 ?
Is Qt in bitbake recipe ? What Qt version ?

Is it last Linux version ?
Linux LXDE Image 2.8.7 | 2020-06-10 Angstrom LXDE desktop environment image

At this momement we use GTK application on Colibri T20

Hello Marius,
I’m looking into the layers to see what Qt version we have there. I’ll update you as soon as I know.

Hello @MariusM,

Looking into the recipe for angstrom-lxde-image (meta-toradex-demos/recipes-images/images/angstrom-lxde-image.bb), there is no Qt included in this image. If you want Qt, you could build an angstrom-lxqt-image which includes Qt5 or angstrom-qt-x11 image which has Qt4. You will find the recipes for these also in the meta-toradex-demos layer. Please keep in mind that Toradex does not maintain BSP2 anymore and also Colibri T20 is almost EOL. Are you also looking into migrating from your Colibri T20 module to a newer module?