What pins on the 2nd SDIO interface are used for the eMMC?

We are using the Colibri iMX7 1G on a new project and I was wondering what specific iMX7 pins of the SDIO 2 interface are used for the eMMC? I am currently using ecspi1 with pin 103 for MOSI, pin 79 for MISO, and pin 101 for SCLK on a similar iMX7D 512M design. If the eMMC interface is 8-bit, it appears that these pins will be unavailable on the iMX7 1G.

Thank you.

Internal eMMC is connected to SD3 interface. Pins 103, 79 and 101 has the same function on both NAND and eMMC versions of Colibri iMX7.