What might happened last if the FlashDisk Drive disappeared?


I recently discovered one Apalis T30 Module on Ixora Board which lost the “FlashDisk”.
Is it possible to configure the module in a way to remove/hide the FlashDisk?

After Boot it seems like nohing is loaded from FlashDisk.

In the FileExplorer → MyDevice there is no FlashDisk Drive.

The Settings for the Display are still valid and no Errors appear on Screen.

Best Regards, Stefan

Some questions to better understand your issue:

  • Which version of the Image are you using?
  • Did you configure the display settings in the registry or did you build a custom image where the display registry settings are part of the image?
  • Does the Flashdisk disappear from time to to time or does it disappear permanently?
  • Once the FlashDisk was not loaded, do you see the device in the Storage Manager (Start → Settings → Control Panel: Storage Manager)
  • Image 2.0 Beta 1
  • Used the Colibri Tweak
  • It disapeared permanently
  • I only see “DSK1: eMMC Storage” Partition “Part00” (But no Star)

Did you see this issue also with Image V2.0 beta 4. When fixing some code we have seen a potential timing issue, which could cause the flashdisk not being loaded. We have never seen this poping up but never the less I would recommend you to give it a try on 2.0 beta 4. You find the latest beta here.


i first did the Txx Recovery Mode with Image 2.1 after this the FlashDisk appeared again.

I also tried Image 2.4 but with the update tool i couldn’t update the module - the update tool disappeared if i selected the CE7.cfg or eboot.nb0.

The NVFlash / Recovery mode package also didn’t work for me under Windows XP.
The command “powershell” has wrong spelling or is not found.

Best regards, Stefan

Please make sure you use the latest update tool. I quickly did some tests and did not see any issue. Do you have any clue where it fails? Debug output?

Also with the NVFlash / Recovery. There was an issue in the power shell script when you had spaces in the folder names. We fixed this as well in one of the latest boundles.

@Stefan.P: Have you ever seen this issue on image 2.0 final? There have been some fixes in 2.0 beta 2 (issue 18481), may be this could have some impact. Please let me know if you still have any issue updating to this image version, we fixed some issues in the UpdateTool as well, please get the latest version.

You wrote earlier, that you see the unmounted device in the storage manager. Can it also be mounted?

@samuel.tx : Is there a Issue # in the WEC T20 / T30 BSP Release Details?
Unfortunately it seems this will continue to happen with the earlier Image.
At least this would thame our colleagues a bit since they need to send their Equippements back to us.

Best Regards, Stefan


by the Way it happened to another CPU Module with Image CE7 V2.0 Beta 1.
This is a really bad thing. Is there a hot fix to prevent the unmount of the FlashDisk?

Best regards,

Hello @Stefan.P,

Yes there is actually issue number 18481 as mentioned in the comment above. If it is not that easy to upgrade to the 2.0 final image (or event alter), you could once try to disalbe the L2 cache as described in the issue workaround and monitor the situation if the issue still happens or not.

@samuel.tx : Thank you very Much. I Think we will update to 2.2 Final Image or 2.2Beta4 if the final is not available yet.