What is the max. frequency of Burst clock in synchronous burst mode for EIM interface in imx7?

I was reading through the reference manual which says that the EIM clock frequency is 133 MHz. But when I was looking the Burst Clock Divisor bit in Chip Select n General Configuration Register 1, I see that the frequency of 104 MHz is mentioned. I have seen that the maximum frequency of BCLK in imx51 and imx6 is 104 MHz. Is this limitation also present in the case of imx7? or can I generate the Burst clock at 133 MHz?

What will the maximum frequency at which on can use the synchronous burst mode available in EIM interface?

Dear @tank,

It seems you got an answer from NXP community(https://community.nxp.com/thread/477319). Internally, we didn’t test this.