What are my options for initial firmware load on Verdin iMX8M Plus?

I’m evaluating the Verdin iMX8MP and I’m curious about the process of flashing the eMMC with my firmware. For our previous product, we booted from an SD card and wrote an image on to the eMMC. But these boards seem to come with an Toradex Easy Installer on them, and won’t boot from the SD card until uBoot is first installed to eMMC.

Our product isn’t going to have HDMI, so I can’t use the easy installer, and it won’t have USB, so I can’t load anything via USB OTB.

I’d like not to have to put the processor on a dev board just to be able to do an eMMC flash. Do I have any other options? Is there any way to get the easy installer to install something automatically, without user interaction?

The Toradex Easy Installer is a stripped-down version of Linux running entirely in RAM with a GUI application. Since your board has no USB, you can load the image either from an SD card or from the network. Yes, it’s possible to get the Easy Installer to install something automatically, without user interaction. Please check this article for details. Another option is to use one of the Toradex carrier boards for production programming. Please also note that all Toradex modules are shipped with the Toradex Easy Installer pre-flashed and have U-Boot installed to the eMMC to boot it.