Weston-terminal doesn't come up

I have Linux Graphical Image Downstream SoC vendor based kernel 4.0.0-devel-202008 installed.
I edited weston.ini to produce HDMI-A-1 1920x1080@60 as otherwise display doesn’t work with HDMI.
Weston desktop comes up with a weston-terminal icon in the upper left.
Clicking on that weston-terminal icon does not bring up a weston-terminal.
Using the serial port a “ps” shows weston-terminal processes are getting created.
Where are the weston-terminals and how do I see them?

Is this part of it?
[15:39:51.347] Command line: weston
[15:39:51.347] OS: Linux, 4.14.170-4.0.0-devel+git.62ad468b3107, #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Aug 6 12:32:18 UTC 2020, aarch64
[15:39:51.347] Using config file ‘/etc/xdg/weston/weston.ini’
[15:39:51.348] Output repaint window is 16 ms maximum.
[15:39:51.352] Loading module ‘/usr/lib/libweston-5/x11-backend.so’
[15:39:51.654] Loading module ‘/usr/lib/libweston-5/gl-renderer.so’
[15:39:51.658] EGL client extensions: EGL_EXT_client_extensions
EGL_EXT_platform_base EGL_KHR_platform_wayland
EGL_EXT_platform_wayland EGL_KHR_platform_gbm
[15:39:51.658] fatal: failed to create compositor backend

Hi @ChipW

We decided to not release a BSP 4.0 and instead move forward to BSP 5.0. However, I would recommend you to currently work with BSP3.0 which already should have support for the Apalis iMX8:

On BSP 3.0 weston should start with the preferred resolution of the HDMI screen.