Weston logind idle notifications

I cannot get Apalis imx8 to suspend after weston is idle. Is there a way to get weston to send idle notfications to logind? It seems that the logind session for weston is not getting a seat assigned.

I’m using the Yocto 5.6.0 SDK.


[17:20:45.470] weston 9.0.0
               Bug reports to: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/wayland/weston/issues/
               Build: lf-5.10.35-2.0.0-rc2+
[17:20:45.471] Command line: /usr/bin/weston --modules=xwayland.so --log=/var/log/weston.log
[17:20:45.471] OS: Linux, 5.4.154-5.6.0-devel+git.c65f1622951c, #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Jan 3 15:58:01 UTC 2022, aarch64
[17:20:45.471] Using config file '/etc/xdg/weston/weston.ini'
[17:20:45.471] Output repaint window is 7 ms maximum.
[17:20:45.471] Loading module '/usr/lib/libweston-9/drm-backend.so'
[17:20:45.478] initializing drm backend
[17:20:45.478] logind: failed to get session seat
[17:20:45.478] logind: cannot setup systemd-logind helper (-61), using legacy fallback
[17:20:45.483] using /dev/dri/card1
[17:20:45.483] DRM: supports atomic modesetting
[17:20:45.483] DRM: supports GBM modifiers```
root@apalis-imx8-06824182:~# loginctl
     c1   0 root      ttyLP1
     c2   0 root            

2 sessions listed.