Weston and Chromium demo

Hi all

I’m current evaluating the useability of WebUI. For that I planng on making a demo to show the potiential and see how good it runs. I will test it on diifferent modules, high to low end.

I guess the “TorizonCore with evaluation container” with Weston and Chromium container could be a good starting point.

Is there more information on those containers? Like how to use them? I need to “remove” portainer and use my own demo page. How can that be done?

I will also make a small .NET Core application, reading some values from a serial port and shown them real time on the WebUI demo.
Does anyone have experience with that? Or maybe even have a usable sample?

Any thought, ideas or valid input is appreciated

Minimal experience with Torizon/Linux but learning something every day…


The GPS/dotnet/blazor sample from the torizon-sample would be usable…

It refeer to this site “How to Build a GUI with ASP.NET Core and Blazor for TorizonCore | Toradex Developer Center”, but that link is dead:

Is this sample still useable?

Dear @TJO

A detailed description of these evaluation containers can be found in the article about Debian Containers for Torizon. There you can see the dependencies of the different docker images, the docker files of these docker images and the commands to start the single containers. I would suggest to change the docker-compose (mentioned in this section) according to your needs. Docker-compose is independent of our hardware platform and you can find more information in the official documentation.

We have some articles about Hardware Access in TorizonCore, you may want to have a look at them to read your sensor values. And we have some articles about Application Development in TorizonCore, also about .NET Core Development and Debugging on Torizon Using Visual Studio Code.

The mentioned torizon-sample ASP.NET Core Blazor - Using GPS can still be found on GitHub. You may can reuse parts of it for your own demo.

Best regards