WEC7 Remote Display V3 over Ethernet Autostart

Regarding these instructions:

This works, but you still need to press START on the target in order to allow the connection. Is there a way to bypass this user interaction on the target? Possibly via a command line switch?

Our custom carrier board will not be supporting a display.

The download already contains AutoCopy and AutoRun folder that can be used to start the application.
You can copy those to your \flashdisk folder and that should do the trick.

If you have connected an Ethernet connection there is no need to press start as the tool gets immediately started by default? I also quickly tested this by connecting Ethernet connection later, this worked as well.

If you still don’t get this working, please provide us some more details about your setup.

  • Which SOC are you using?
  • Image version?
  • When is Ethernet getting connected?

I am working with Shawn on this issue; This is connected by an Ethernet connection, and when CerHost.exe is clicked on the PC, With CerDisp.exe started on the WinCE7 Colibri/Apalis eval board, the PC is unable to see the connection until the eval board clicks Start or hide. (We are using displays attached to the VGA port during initial testing phase, but the final project will not include a display).

As soon as the eval board clicks the screen to remove it, the PC now sees the eval board and can connect to it.

We would like to have a way to call this program via command line to automatically start with Start/hide selected, since our systems will not have a display.

This has been tested on Colibri evaluation board v3.2b, and Apalis evaluation board v1.1

BSP Version:
Bootloader (running)
Ver: 1.2 BETA, Build 2

Image (running)
Ver: 1.1 (CE 7.0)

We start the application by this method, but our main issue is that the interface presents a splash screen requiring user input; We need the program to be started without having a need for user intervention.

Did you extract the contents of the downloadable and put the autorun and autocopy folders for your CE version on the root folder of a sd card/thumbdrive?
If you do that the shorcut will run cerdisp with -c, preventing it from showing the dialog and directly enabling connection from the remote host.